UVC Hunter

Sterilization system on wheels for sanitizing rooms

6x 55 Watt UVC lamps with a T8 diameter, with a 2-pin double terminal are installed on the UVC Hunter. Each lamp has an average UVC germicidal band of 253.7 nm with an emission of 1.7 watts / m2 at a meter distance. The system is capable of sanitizing rooms and surfaces up to 30 m2 in 15 minutes.

The base, made of metal, rests on pivoting wheels equipped with a brake and contains the electronic and safety part (presence sensors). The 6 lamps are mounted vertically, alternately inclined, to better direct the germicidal emission. The central column behind the lamps is made of reflective 430 steel, with a parabola effect to maximize energy.

UVC Hunter, like all surface sanitization systems, can only be operated in empty environments, without people. The timer and switch-on are positioned in the upper part of the structure, when activated, it allows the operator the time(programmable)  to leave the room, before switching on. When UVC Hunter is running, a special light signal, positioned on the central column, warns of the sanitization process in progress. In the case of entry of people during the sanitization process, the security system, connected with the presence detectors, turns off the equipment. At the end of the sanitation cycle, UVC Hunter switches off automatically. We suggest positioning UVC Hunter at a distance of no more than 4 meters from each perimeter wall (preferably in the center of the environment you want to sanitize) and leaving it at least one meter away from the closest object (so as not to create an area of shadow).

UVC Hunter is particularly suitable for facilities open to the public that need to sanitize multiple rooms daily: hotels, shops, beauty centers, spas, polyclinics, hospital rooms, retirement homes and etc.

The efficiency of UVC Hunter to sanitize an environment and the sanitization time are calculated from the following table

Power of the 6 55 Watt lamps calculated from the point where UVC Hunter is positioned

Inactivation of 99% of the viruses is achieved with a UVC dose of 90 Joules. To reach this dose, it is advisable to position the UVC corner according to the following table and using the times indicated:

Watt/mq /LampMaximum distance from UVC HunterDose in 10 minutesDose in 15 minutesDose in 20 minutes
at 2,5 meters = 0,252,5 meters300450300
at 4,5 meters = 0,1054,5 meters126188252
at 5,5 meters = 0,065,5 meters6998130

Technical features

  • 6x55 Watt UV-C lamps,
  • Support column in reflective surfaces
  • External body in 430 steel
  • Control timer with delayed start
  • Safety shutdown with 5 sensors in person
  • On-off operation -
  • Power supply with electronic ballast for UV-C lamps
  • Ambient temperature: -10° to + 55° C
  • Lifespan of the Lamps: 9000 h

Electrical characteristics

  • Voltage 230 V ~ ± 10%
  • Frequency 50 Hz
  • Absorption Max 450 Watt

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