Artikler om UV-C lys

Recent media sources on the effectiveness of UVC updated to 17/09/2020

‘“You have to ensure a sufficient UV light dose to kill all the viruses,” said Roman Engel-Herbert, Penn State associate professor of materials science, physics and chemistry.’

‘Researchers have demonstrated that exposing the novel coronavirus to the vitamin riboflavin and ultraviolet light reduces the viral count in human plasma.’

‘This technology has been proven to destroy bacteria and viruses, including coronaviruses, bringing huge benefits for the healthcare, sector which is initially our primary focus. Because of their flexibility and mobility, the UV air sterilization units have the potential to be introduced within a range of working, educational and leisure environments.”’

‘Coronaviruses, flu among them, are often a winter phenomenon. It may be the virus is vulnerable to ultraviolet light that tends to be more prominent in the summer months. But when winter returns to our hemisphere, are we in for a second round? Many experts believe so.’

‘"Ultraviolet light in general has been used to kill bacteria and viruses for a very long time," David Brenner, director at the Columbia University Center for Radiological Research, told USA today. It's been known to kill bacteria and viruses for the last century and for the last two to three decades has been used to disinfect surgical theaters or hospital wards. "It's being used in the MTA here in New York, in the wee hours between 1 a.m. and 5  a.m. when the MTA is closed down," he added, referencing the Metropolitan Transportation Authority public transit vehicles and some fixed locations being sanitized with UV light. "It’s been in use to kill viruses and sterilize locations when people aren’t around, which is not ideal because even if you have a sterilized location at 9 o’clock in the morning and people start coming in, they’re potentially gong to contaminate".’

‘A form of UV light could be used as an effective disinfectant for coronavirus, according to new research. Far-UVC is a kind of UV ray that can be used to sterilize air safely in public places, according to a study by the University of St Andrews and Ninewells Hospital in Dundee.’

‘UVC light from special germicidal lamps with wavelengths in the range 200nm to 280nm kills germs such as bacteria and viruses and has been used as a means of disinfecting hospital wards and operating theatres for decades.’

‘Resgreen Group, a leading mobile robot developer, announced today that it will focus a large percentage of its research and development budget on developing autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) that are equipped with ultraviolet-C (UVC) light for disinfection plants, warehouses and other facilities.’

‘A new study done by researchers of Colorado State University suggested that if the Coronavirus is exposed to the vitamin riboflavin and ultraviolet light, there is a possible reduction in the viral count within human plasma as well as whole-blood products.’

‘Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology Mandi have developed an Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) light-based portable disinfection box to disinfect metallic, plastic and cardboard products like wallets, keys, spectacles, bags, courier packages, and parcels, among others, to minimise the risk of Covid-19.’

‘Research has shown that UV-C light can achieve a high level of inactivation of a near-relative of Covid-19’s virus. Thus, reducing the risks of contagion among healthy people. In the workplace, it can be an excellent tool for disinfecting transit of goods.’

‘Now, researchers from Penn State and the University of Minnesota have used the recent discovery of a class of transparent conductors that could allow for high levels of UV light that would kill the virus. If scaled up successfully, the researchers believe that UV light could be used to disinfect public areas such as public transport, airplanes, and sports arenas.’

‘“After every use boxes are hit by C-UV rays, capable of killing invisible viruses – says Silvia Spano, security manager at Olbia airport – it’s a service that’s already been used in Cagliari airport and it’s going to be adopted in all worldwide airports”.
Every passenger will put his personal effects in a perfectly disinfected box. “In this way – says Silvia Spano – we will make safer from risks our airport”.’

‘Two Turkish professors at Aksaray University realized the first killer face mask “that prevent viruses to become in contact with human body during inspiration”: first it would stop the virus, that it will kill it with UV light (they have a 12 hours battery).

Russian scientists are developing a coronavirus treatment that use UV light to disinfect human body from the inside, said Andrei Goverdovsky, from state nuclear agency Rosatom. The project name is “bright gas”. “We figured out how to do it. We select molecules and gases that once inhaled they stay activated and they emit UV light directly in lunges”.’

‘Irish scientists have collaborated to develop an autonomous drone to deliver sterilising ultraviolet light to disinfect public spaces.’

‘Lumentek Global, an LED lighting firm based in Henrietta, is preparing to roll out portable devices that emit ultraviolet light.’

‘Last March, in its strategy to fight the coronavirus responsible for the covid-19 pandemic, China disinfected its buses with ultraviolet (UV) light.’

‘David Brenner, the director at the Columbia University Centre for Radiological Research told USA Today that far-UVC has the capability to scramble the genetic material of viruses such as coronavirus, effectively sanitising the air, surfaces or even people.’

‘Disinfection by way of UV light is nothing new: The International Ultraviolet Association says it's been a useful technology for over 40 years, contributing to clean water and clean air. Many consumer devices also use UV light to disinfect things, such as self-cleaning UV light water bottles and UV-emitting cases that clean your dirty phone.‘

‘Italian researchers are developing UV light devices for air disinfection and inactivation of Sars-Cov-2 virus. They imagined a device that, using UV radiation, could instantly disinfect the exhaled air by the patient and prevent a virus accumulation in small spaces. It could also be applied in hospitals. We are talking about a filter “that would substitute the ones that are now used in intensive care units or in ambulances.’

‘UV rays used to sterilize face masks, disinfect spaces and air conducts, it is quick, eco-friendly and it could be a precious ally for any hospital and rest home”.’

‘One of the most adopted methods to fight the coronavirus pandemic is the street and public areas disinfection, C-UV rays could be the technology that will save us from the disease.’
‘According to research by Columbia University, UVC ultraviolet light is a direct approach to prevent airborne transmission through inactivation of airborne pathogens; however, its widespread use in public settings is limited because conventional UVC light sources can be dangerous, which is why API will perform the light treatment after everyone leaves the gym.’

‘Which surfaces can the UV rays can be helpful on? Are they beneficial to use on all eatables, including freshly made stuff and vegetables and fruits? To what extent can they provide safety? As UVGI is being widely used in the food industry for disinfection and is found very effective in killing various pathogens like E.Coli, Listeria monocytogenes, etc. on the surfaces of fruits and vegetables. They can work on cash or medicine strips etc. This technique can be useful for killing coronavirus on eatables.’

‘The global coronavirus pandemic COVID-19 caused thousands of people and companies to modify a good part of their hygiene routines to prevent and avoid the spread of the virus.
In that context, in the city of La Plata, about 150 groups -currently in circulation- have a sanitation system via ultraviolet rays.
It is a system endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO) who owns a high percentage of effectiveness in destroying viruses of all kinds.’

‘According to the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA), when applied correctly, UV is a known disinfectant for air, water and surfaces that can help to mitigate the risk of acquiring an infection in contact with the COVID-19 virus.’

‘Boeing on Tuesday said it is testing ultraviolet disinfection of plane's cabins to ensure that aircraft are free from viruses and bacteria. It also stated that the air in the cabins is as safe as that of a hospital and is recirculated and filtered.’

‘An affordable ultraviolet-C shoe sole sanitiser, developed by the Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in Odisha’s Berhampur was formally launched via video conference on Monday, and its first unit was handed over to a COVID-19 hospital at Sitalapalli on the outskirts of the city.’
‘Indian hospitals have welcomed their first batch of Ultraviolet sterilizers with open arms. This opportunity was grabbed by NevonSolutions Pvt Ltd – an Indian Tech Innovation company to enable India fight the CoronaVirus.
UVLizers take into consideration simple and quick inactivation of virus, bacteria and microbes without the use of water or chemicals.’

‘Green Grapes Devices, a Delhi-based digital display solutions startup has developed a product called UV Sterilisation Box for sterilising small-sized objects such as mobile phones, watches, rings, currency, masks, key rings, etc.’

‘A French company specialising in self-cleaning and anti-stain fabrics believes it has found a solution to make public transport safer amid the coronavirus pandemic.
The company, Trajet, recently developed a disinfectant and decontaminating velvet it says is capable of eliminating almost 100 per cent of viral load, thanks to a process called photocatalysis.’

‘For guests checking into a high-profile California hotel, they might be staying in rooms that have been sanitized in part by an unusual new staff member: a three-foot-tall robot named Kennedy.
Kennedy is among the Beverly Hilton Hotel's newest lines of defense against coronavirus. It's a machine designed to kill the virus by flashing intense, germ-killing ultraviolet light through the room, after the room has undergone the usual cleaning by Kennedy's human coworkers.’

‘At the Beauregard Health System hospital they have purchased a new system that uses a certain wavelength of ultraviolet light to disinfect hospital rooms. The lamp, rolled from room to room, emits a strobing light that disinfects everything it touches, including coronavirus according to distributors.’

‘The Honeywell UV Cabin System applies UVC light to reduce various viruses and bacteria, to high-touch aircraft cabin surfaces. While the product has not yet been tested on COVID-19 but clinical tests conducted on SARS and MERS outside of aircraft using similar UVC lamps were found to reduce those viruses by levels as high as 90–99.999%.’

‘A report by the Illuminating Engineering Society, an authority on lighting technology, showed that UV-C germicidal radiation can play a key role in inactivating the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes Covid-19.’

‘The partially collapsible, plug-in bag uses UV-C light in a fully-reflective interior to sanitize any small device, gadget or accessory in 3 minutes.’

‘Susan Smith, a retiree in Naples, Florida, says that among her precautions is a UV wand, a device that uses ultraviolet light that can be waved over surfaces to kill bacteria. On a large scale, UV light is being tested as a way of sanitizing New York City's subways.’

‘“Our test results show that above a specific dose of UV-C radiation, viruses were completely inactivated: in a matter of seconds we could no longer detect any virus,” said Dr. Anthony Griffiths. “We’re very excited about these findings and hope that this will accelerate the development of products that can help limit the spread of COVID-19.”’

‘Italian researchers demonstrated, with a particular experimental test done with coronavirus SARS-COV-2, high germicidal potential of UV light.’

‘At a virus density comparable to that observed in SARS-CoV-2 infection, an UV-C dose of just 3.7 mJ/cm2 was sufficient to achieve a 3-log inactivation, and complete inhibition of all viral concentrations was observed with 16.9 mJ/cm2. These results could explain the epidemiological trends of COVID-19 and are important for the development of novel sterilizing methods to contain SARS-CoV-2 infection.’

‘Researchers at Boston University had confirmed an ultraviolet light works to degrade most coronavirus in a laboratory setting in a matter of seconds. The sun’s rays are already known to degrade viruses outdoors, and the lighting maker hopes UV lights can be used to help reduce the amount of virus in indoor areas.’

‘After its exceptional recent debut, Oracle Lighting, an innovator in LED lighting solutions, is now taking orders for its latest innovation: The A.I.R. Solo™ (Antimicrobial Irradiation Respirator). The wearable UVGI face mask is designed to be worn under common face masks in order to protect both users and those around them, killing live viruses such as Coronavirus, pathogens, bacterium, or other microorganisms attached to the fabric’s surface.’

‘There is a tool being used in the fight against COVID-19. Ultraviolet lights used in medical centers are starting to make their way way into other buildings. The lights are placed inside HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) units, sterilizing the air inside the buildings. A local company sells these light kits and business has been booming.
“Anywhere, anybody is breathing, this technology is appropriate” said Jeff Wooten with Griffin International in Chesterfield.’

‘“We were guessing really, we didn’t know really how this COVID-19 reacted,” said Oliver Lawal, CEO of Aquisense Technologies. “COVID-19, it wasn’t clear whether it was the same as other coronaviruses or was it a more resistant strain and you don’t know until you do the research”
Now there’s research to support the theory. 
The study shows that roughly 40 millijoules or less are needed in a matter of minutes for the virus to be inactivated. Meaning a high concentration amount of UV produced through a lamp can be as effective and much faster versus hours and hours of sunlight.’

‘Following the coronavirus outbreak, Bengaluru's Kempegowda International Airport has introduced ultraviolet treatment while scanning outbound baggage apart from other measures to enhance passenger and staff safety.’

‘Schools are considering using conveyor belt tunnels containing ultraviolet lights to sanitise books and toys in a bid to prevent the spread of Covid-19 when they fully reopen.’

‘In the list of alternate therapies being tried in Gujarat mostly based on ayurveda and homeopathy, a clinical trial using ultraviolet radiation, recently approved by the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) and Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO), will be tried on 12 Covid-19 patients in Bhavnagar. The idea is to use UV-C light to treat local mucosa.’

‘Ultraviolet lights intended to destroy the coronavirus could be installed in bathrooms or elevators at offices, switching on whenever a person leaves. The lights could also click on in empty office hallways or blaze away unseen inside a building’s ventilation ducts. Smaller lights could even be trained continuously on much-used elevator buttons. Those are some of the ideas suggested by a team led by researchers from the Institute of Photonic Sciences in Spain.’

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